Home & Business Defense

Our tailor made courses on Home & Business Defense are outlined below!


Homeowners– Home & Business Defense has never be more important! Nobody wants to be a victim, especially in their own home. Whether you have have a large home or a more moderate one, you need to be prepared should danger strike. Are prepared to safely deal with an aggressive intruder and effectively protect yourself and loved ones. Schedule your in home consultation today. Our assessment of your home and property will identify areas of concern. Our plan, based on your lifestyle and family dynamics will give set your mind at ease.

Business Owners– Do you have a Plan? Home & Business Defense is paramount, everyone wants to be safe. Let us help you develop a plan and train your employees. We can help! Contact us today! Give yourself peace of mind that you have done everything in your power as a business owner to protect those people that are relying on you. Whether it is a robbery, former disgruntled employee, or an active shooter situation you need to have a plan in place. We will draft a plan covering a variety of scenarios and train your staff on what action to take in each situation.