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  1. Annette Fuentes says:

    I had my first private lesson with Paul today, I can’t thank him enough! This was my second time shooting a hand gun and my first experience was a very bad experience. I was terrified to ever shoot again, but he was able to remove that fear from me. He was beyond patient with me and within the few hours of being with him he instilled confidence in me that i didn’t think I was capable of. I was doing so well by the end of the session that I did not want it to end. I am so proud of myself for over coming my fear and can’t thank Paul enough he is an amazing instructor!!! Anybody out there that has any self doubt about learning fire arms, I can’t recommend him enough. Thank You

  2. Jeff Wagner says:

    I’ve been “shooting” since I was about 10, that’s more than 30 years, but after taking my first true defensive handgun course with Paul, I can actually say I know how to shoot now. Not just that, but I can draw my weapon without shooting my foot and put rounds down range with confidence, including being able to reload to be ready for the next threat. I’ve known Paul for a few years now through dog training and knew he was a qualified firearms instructor but I was still impressed with his knowledge and patience in teaching safe, efficient and effective handgun defense. The first class was such a blast that my buddy, his son and myself took a follow up class about a month later and learned even more skills moving and using cover. I would recommend Paul to anyone from a novice to someone who “thinks” he has skills because either will learn something new for sure. Thanks Paul – looking forward to taking the shooting/moving course you mentioned!

    • admin says:

      Well Jeff you are an excellent student and with an open perspective which makes the experience more enjoyable for both of us. Was great having you participate with us here. I look forward to seeing you again.

  3. Daniel "SawnDawn" Flores says:

    One of the most comprehensive and well planned out training sessions I’ve ever been to! The instruction was clear and succinct, the expectation of the instructor made me want to elevate my game. The mark of a great instructor like Paul makes you feel you’re not learning anything new, you’re just being reminded of what you should already know. That made the class fun and so interesting that before I knew it eight great hours of shooting and hustle had gone by but felt I could’ve gone another eight!
    I look forward to the next training session I am able to attend!
    Thanks Paul!

  4. admin says:

    Thank you Daniel, It was great having you in the course! I look forward to working with you again in the future. Polishing old skills and learning new ones are what keeps the trail endless!See you soon!

  5. Leon g says:

    This was my first class with personal defense solutions and I really enjoyed it

    the instruction was accurate and focused and creative I’ve taken over
    120 classes from other Tactical schools and to have this talent and database in the Pahrump area is fantastic

    Great value for the depth of knowledge and mobile training

    There were policeman, active-duty and prior veterans and brand-newbies in the class and he was able to accommodate all levels

    the new person had certain basic issues and Paul allocated another coach to assist him as he continued with the class

    Having taken over
    hundred shooting classes elsewhere is depth of knowledge was considerable— ditches torture drill, moving and shooting-bounding ,using vehicle tactics then ending up with a man on man
    competition, so pretty
    much the whole gamut of training ! Well worth the money and time and I’ll be back soon. Keep it up Paul. Great work😎

    Intermediate to basic skills I would highly recommend anyone else take these classes is a great value and I plan on taking more in the future I live out of state, I plan on getting your schedule to coordinate my other classes around his events

    We shot approximately 800 rounds at eight hour. And I learned much more

  6. Al & Joi Miller says:


    We would like to thank you for the great CCW training we received from you. We appreciated the knowledge you shared regarding the use of our handguns and the LAW related to carrying a concealed handgun. The Ash Medow location was very conducive to our training. All-in-all, we enjoyed ourselves with the lol’s we experienced. We plan on taking follow-up training with you in the future. Have a safe trip and come home safe…take care.

    A & J

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